Pride of VA Foods

Pride of VA is a full service food manufacturer & distributor catering to local restaurants, convenience stores, hospitals, nursing homes, churches & civic organizations in Central VA.

Pride of VA is well known throughout the area for its wonderful hot dog chili, Cole slaw and western, yellow relish!

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Pride of VA Homestead Meats

Pride of VA is proud to serve Homestead Meats at the Lynchburg Community Market every Tuesday through Saturday until 2pm.

Not only can you buy 18 different products manufactured by Pride of VA, but you can order custom cut steaks, pork chops or chickens.

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Nature Fresh Farms Products

Pride of VA offers Nature Fresh Farms specialty items, all Virginia made products!

Our line includes Virginia wines, Virginia candies and peanuts, Virginia spices, sauces, jelly, jams & salad dressings. We also offer Virginia made Souvenirs and 18 different coffee beans!

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